vPass is a web-based generator of secure passwords.

vPass takes your master password (f.e. my_password) and, optionally, current domain (f.e. http://accounts.google.com converts into google) and generates 12-letter mix of letters, numbers and symbols (f.e. 0EQu$MwEm?Qt). Watch 30 seconds video demo.

Now you can create unique secure password for any website, and you only have to remember one master password.

Your master password never leaves your device. vPass is 100% client-side, pure Javascript, no data is sent to server. It's just a webpage, so it works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, webOS, and any future OS too.

Drag this link → vPass ← into your browser's bookmarks bar (below address bar). You might need to turn it on from Bookmarks menu. Not for mobile browsers.

Use on iPhone/iPad
Open vPass in your mobile browser, tap "Share" button, tap "Add to Home screen".

Use on Android
Open vPass in your mobile browser, add it to bookmarks, open bookmarks, tap and hold vpass.info, tap "Add to Home screen".

Download and self-host
Download vPass for backup, even if you do not plan to use it locally. Right-click and save as: vpass.zip.

Experimental - mobile bookmarklet → vPass

Why use vPass, not LastPass/KeePass/1Password/RoboForm/etc?
I tried them all, honestly. LastPass was the best, but still far from perfect. vPass is not perfect too - it reflects my vision. I encourage you to give it a try.

Why bother with secure passwords at all?

How safe is vPass?
It's as safe as your master password. And because vPass is not so popular, no one will guess you use it.

How do I come up with strong master password?

What happens if vPass.info is down?
You should save a local copy of vPass right now, just in case. As for the server, there are no access logs, and as I mentioned, no data is transmitted from you.

I am Vlad Gerasimov. You can find out more about me at Vladstudio.com.
Please send your comments, compliments and complaints to vladstudio@gmail.com.

vPass has been inspired by SuperGenPass.

For users who need to keep using vPass v.1, it's here - https://www.vpass.info/1/. I recommend switching to v.3 although it means changing all your password (which is actually a good idea from time to time). The v.1 generator did not validate for including most required types of characters (lowercase, uppercase, digits, special), which caused problems on some sites.